Bathing fun in the Jacuzzi

//Bathing fun in the Jacuzzi
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Bathing fun in the Jacuzzi

Immerse in warmth and comfort.

Feel how warm, fragrant water caresses your body. Immerse yourself completely in this wetness experience the scent and the effect of our carefully selected, natural shower essences with all your senses.

Relax – we will pamper you. Enjoy the flow of warm water on your skin, and feel the sound of the singing bowl. Listen to the delicate sound and feel the invigorating stream of water from the Hamam bowl, like a waterfall on your body.

Free yourself from the stress of everyday life and let yourself be seduced by the ritual of the shower:

A soft sensual shower experience which opens the senses and flatters the heart.
With the captivating flower essences of jasmine, orange, rose, sandalwood and other scents.