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Classic massage

Using classical massage strokes, friction, skin shifts, kneading, circling, patting, shaking and vibrations are applied. Depending on the intention of the masseuse, circulation-stimulating, tonic and analgesic effects can be achieved by various techniques.

Mode of action:

The strong stroking, kneading and rubbing makes even large muscle groups supple and soft again and well supplied with blood so that the metabolism is stimulated. The increased lymph flow removes waste products from the tissues, thereby acting as a massage which rejuvenates the skin and muscles.

Acupressure, also known as pressure point massage, is a targeted massage of acupuncture points. The massage is performed with the fingertip of the index finger or the thumb (and not with needles as in the classical acupuncture).

The Japanese version of acupuncture is called Shiatsu. Just like acupuncture, acupressure is based on the idea of China’s energy doctrine. This states that the life energy of man runs in so-called meridian lines. The meridians (energy meridians) have the task of transporting and distributing the life energy throughout the body.