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Hot Stone massage

The application with hot stones on humans is based on long history. The therapy using heated stones has already been used for hundreds of years. Healers and shamans used the heated stones to transfer the heat from the stone to the human body to different body zones. The massage with heated stones (hot stone massage) was created by the human instinct of modern times. Massage pressure and massage strokes combined with the heated stones can relieve pain and achieve positive results in muscular discomfort.

After massaging experiments the therapist of the modern age re-discovered the application of heated stones, which proved to be an effective therapy to reduce muscle tension in the body and restore the balance of YIN and YANG.

The origins of the use of a treatment with hot stones are likely to be found in ancient Nepal, Tibet and western China. Often treatments are combined with herbs to enhance the effect of the treatment.

The Hot Stone Massage helps relieve the body of disharmony caused by modern lifestyles (stress). The massage harmonizes the body and balances the body’s CHI (life energy) to resore the health of the client and to positively improve it. The type of massage with heated stones can be practiced easily or quietly, but can also be deep and penetrating.