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Tantra massage

The original Indian tantric massage is a mixture of physical and spiritual massage and must be learned. (Tantra/master). During the massage the receiver as well as the giver are unclothed, which follows the Tantric idea of equality.

The Tantric massage is free of right and wrong. The massage enables the journey into one’s inner self through the gentleness of touch. It results in a holistic “harmony”. Experience touch, deep relaxation phases, letting go, feeling good, leaving everyday life outside for a certain time before starting again. Tantra is incomparable and gender-neutral. Various massage techniques are applied. Kneading, patting and stroking using different polarization handles, to bring the body Chakras into unison.

Tantra is room for sensual experience – the art of touching

Tantra is longing, lust and passion in our deepest insides

Open yourself for the sensuality and explore your body.

In the original tantra massage, the masseuse is the “Giver” and the guest is the “Receiver” who remains passive during the massage.

There is no touching of the masseuse. Instead, the masseuse leads the hands of the guest, if the “Giver” allow, to feel a part of the body.

The form of massage is given regardless of gender. The Tanta massage can be received with or without the involvement of the genitals. The “Receiver” decides whether the genital area should be involved in the massage.

You can only book the tantra massage by appointment.